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What is self-love?

Do you know what is self love? But we are wrong in its definition we think that self-love means a free life where we can do everything we think if we do what our heart wants then we are wrong. It’s like you want to be a doctor and you can moving towards any other thing. So in reality what is self love? If you are using your body for pleasure then it is not self love.

What does it mean?

Like if your parents are using yourself to achieve their dreams through anything which you don’t want then does this is not self love. Another thing is that they will think that what is best for their child so in this way, they love their child and want their child to do the right thing. Do you do something which is right or you do something which your heart wants.

In the reality where we are wrong?

If you are doing something according to your heart or your wishes then it shows that you are doing everything according to your interest and it shows that you are in love with yourself. But this is totally wrong you are destroying yourself because you are doing something which is not right for you. Like some want to get please and he drinks and the harmful thing he will enjoy what does it show? It shows that he is doing everything according to his wishes but in reality, it’s not the self-love he is destroying his body. In this form, he is using his body to get pleasure and he doesn’t notice anything about his body and you can say that self-discipline is self-love in reality.

Anyone who had done something big in any field has some qualities have you ever noticed that what is it? In reality, this quality is self-description if you will fall in love with self-discipline then it means that you are loving yourself. Qualities do not matter in reality quantities matter. Like you go to a gym and you have to take rest while changing the section of training and this is important. Note that it is not against self-discipline. In reality, self-discipline means the work which is good for you and not doing any bad effect on you.

Like you are studying continuously for two hours and after this time you go out and play for twenty minutes and after that, at home, you again started studying or you continuously study for four hours than in which phase you will gain more knowledge. For sure in the first one because in the second phase you will start getting boor and in reality, it is the perfect use of your qualities. This gap will improve your studies and it is important I hope so you will understand. If you are enjoying getting what is right then it’s good but if you are enjoying something but it’s not good then this is not self-love.

Is trying again and again self-love?

We just try again and again to achieve something which is good and can benefit us and you already know that we learn a lot of things through trying again and again. Like you eat too many chocolates and you come to know that these chocolates are affecting your body so for sure you will try to left it out. Will, you left it away in one day and will never eat chocolate? No, it’s not easy you will try again and again for a long time while in this phase you will try a lot of different ways so this thing perfectly shows self-love.

Hope so that you will be able to find solutions for your big problems and will left out all the bad things from your life and will focus on the right way our best wishes are always with our audience.

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