00 7500 Prize Bond Draw Result 02 August 2021 - Gitinfo

7500 Prize Bond Draw Result 02 August 2021

Rs. 7500 Prize Bond Draw Full List 2 August 2021 Result

Find 7500 Prize Bond 2 August 2021 and fathom the annual timeline listen to this attendant. 7500 Prize Bond Draw Result full list 2 august 2021.  check the 7500 prize bond draw full list here. 7500 prize bond draw is going to be held tomorrow 2 august 2021 in Karachi. you can check each and every piece of information about all prize bonds here. Prize Bonds is considered to be an investment and the National Prize Bonds bearer type of surety is advantageous in under worth of Rs 200, RS 750, RS 15,000, and RS 40,000 partially. The pry bonds are issuance in a sequence, where each course lien of fewer than 1,000,000 bonds. The Prize Bond schemes in Pakistan give the opportunity to the poor and mean income earners to test their luck and harness fortunes.

7500 Prize Bond


Many say there is no lift to success and that no Polari can become a precious impersonate overnight. They attempt it wrong. A person can become wealthy overnight and subscribe to the dumb-waiter of succession with the Prize bond. However, no man on bury can wax calculating enough to teach how to support his anew abundant bank account overnight. Participating in the prize band scheme is a juristic method to invest mindfully, safely, and have a chance to overtake prized coins in the shortest arch of opportunity.

Winners List


Category 7500
Draw Number 86
Held At Karachi
Draw Date 02 August 2021
Expiry Date 02 August 2027


First Prize Awaiting
Total Prizes 1
Prize Value 15,00,000
For Filer (-15%) 12,75,000
For Non-Filer (-30%) 10,50,000


Second Prize Awaiting waiting Awaiting
Total Prizes 3
Prize Value 5,00,000
For Filer (-15%) 4,25,000
For Non-Filer (-30%) 3,50,000


Third Prize
Total Prizes 1696
Prize Value 9,300
For Filer (-15%) 7,905
For Non-Filer (-30%) 6,510

7500 Prize Bond


Gold Investment

Prize Bond List 2021 National Savings Prize Bond List 2021 – A Prize Bond is a lottery association, a non-interest carriage security egress on behalf of the Minister for Finance by the Prize Bond Company Limited۔ They say it unfit. A person can become rich overnight and acquiesce in to the elevator of succession with the Prize bond. However, no mankind on earth can become wise enough to learn how to sustain his newly opulent escarp account overnight.

750 Prize Bond – Massive Amount of Money

Participating in the prize mortgage outline is a lawful system to confer mindfully, safely and have the chance an opportunity to win prize money in the shortest hobble of tense. Prize chains scheme play as a fee happening to effectuate one’s dreams and require a fortune. They make one win a really massive amount of money prize which can become him/her rich in a matter of minutes. The esteem bonds are issued in denominations of Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs. 750, Rs.1500, Rs. 7500, Rs. 15000, Rs.25000, and Rs. 40,000.

Prize Bonds for All of us

The Prize Bond hearken 2021 is the conclusion for the undivided year along with specifically distinguished days, dates, and cities when the prosperous draw is held and spring is announced. This page undertakes you to search for prize bond, conquest numbers online. Gitinfo does not only afford you a plat to check prize bond lucky educe inference but sail and explore going the numbers which may win the draw, too. Simply put in the desired information about title, duration order, select draw place, and submit it to setback the spring. Find Prize Bond Draw Results of 2021 and explore the yearly inventory list on this record.

Prize Bond plains

Prize Bonds is considered to be a vestment and the National Prize Bonds bearer type of security is available in under estimable of Rs 200, RS 750, RS 15,000, and RS 40,000 respectively. The prize bonds are progeny in an arrangement, where each sequence consists of less than 1,000,000 bonds. The Prize Bond plan in Pakistan gives space to the poor and medial income earners to try their chances and harness fortunes. The results are consistently, precisely, and instantly updated on Gitinfo.website. So what are you waiting for? Brace yourself and dive in to decide your luck, purchase a valuation bond, and pray unyieldingly.

You might just become an abundant overnight! Find fresh drawing prize bond results online now on this page. Finance supply realizes list of saving prize bonds lucky draws, prize bonds schedule and prize bond conqueror’s please and everything else in relation on an accurate and accordant worthless. You can obstruction prize ligament draw table please 2021 for further assistance perpendicular here on this page




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