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If you Olymptrade公司简介 have traded with OlympTrade and believe you have been scammed by them you have a chance to get your money back. Many unregulated brokers have been found to scam traders.

We do not recommend to trade with OlympTrade since this broker has been suspected as a scam broker. Immediately withdraw your funds if you are currently trading with them. Check the following listed activities of a scam broker. If you have witnessed any of the following then you probably have been victimized by a scam broker.

Common Signs of a fraud broker in Action

  • The broker has received warnings from known regulating authorities like FCA, ASIC, CySec, etc.
  • The broker forces you to make deposits again and again.
  • The broker’s website is a clone of another legitimate broker’s website. They copy content and design exactly.
  • When you want to withdraw your money, the broker does not allow you to do so.
  • The broker is not regulated by any known and established authorized regulating authority.
  • The broker suddenly closed its website and do not pick your call.
  • Your account was frozen all of a sudden.
  • The broker pulls out money from your account without asking you.
  • Bonuses and trading conditions offered which ultimately end in scams.

At Scam Report Consensus it’s our job to provide you detailed OlympTrade review and make sure you can fight back and get your money refunded. Start by filling the form above and we will get in touch with you and provide you with information on how to start the process.








  • 非固定资本金=基本项目+补充项目合计-负债金额
  • 风险相对金额=市场风险+交易风险+基础风险-加密资产
  • 注:以上说明最终解释权归外汇天眼所有



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  • 经查证,该交易商当前暂无有效监管,请注意风险!
  • 近3个月内,WikiFX所收到的用户对该交易商的投诉已达到53条,请注意风险,谨防受害!

上次检测 2022-08-20 风险 2 条


他们是做市商,而不是 ECN 或 SPT 经纪商,并且与任何流动性交易提供商没有联系。这意味着他们有一定的利润率,允许他们以让您输或赢的价格玩游戏,一开始他们让您赢,然后您将失去利润和资金,或者无论哪种方式,他们永远不会让您赢和退出钱。他们也没有像 FCA、ASIC 或 CySEC 这样的许可证。


我入金 1000 尼日利亚奈拉但账户并没有收到,发邮件也没用回复,请远离。

被骗3,750 美元

这是通过外汇为她生病的父亲赚钱的受害者,在 1 月份联系了 Max。 Max Zuniga 说:“账户每个月会有 7000-15000 的回报”。几个月后,她在 4 月份联系了 Max 进行更新。所有 3 个帐户都失败了。本地人或住在 Max 附近的人,或者是朋友或熟人的人都知道这是 Maxes 的电话号码。 Max 只需 3750 美元即可轻松让 3 个帐户失效。远离此类骗子。

OLYMTRADE 是个骗子!!!!

Olymtrade 是一个平台 P 便宜 我在 2011 年 3 月做了 WD,此时没有为 Olymtrade Olymptrade公司简介 付费



54, Immakulata, Triq il-Mina ta’ Hompesch, ZABBAR ZBR 9016.


Olymp Trade自2014年开始已成为领先的在线经纪商之一。Olymp Trade于2016年加入了国际金融委员会。Olymp Trade获得了“2017年度外汇博览会最佳期权经纪商奖”和“2017年CPA人寿最佳金融经纪商奖”。Olymp Trade官网上未显示任何监管信息。


衡量一个外汇交易平台是否安全的首要条件激就是要看其是否受到正规的监管。Olymp Trade目前处于无监管状态,这意味用户的交易活动以及资金安全无法得到有效的保护。投资者要注意避开Olymp Trade这个外汇交易平台。



为满足不同投资者的投资需求和交易体验,Olymp Trade提供了两种不同的账户:标准账户和高级账户。Olymp Trade提供的最大交易杠杆为1:400,最流行的货币对的杠杆设置为1:30,次要货币对的杠杆为1:20。


Olymp Trade官网页面上没有关于点差的详细介绍,通过测试一个标准的模拟账户,欧元美元点差大约为1.1点。Olymp Trade对隔夜交易收取固定比例的隔夜费用,最高为总投资额的15%。对于180天内不活跃的账户,Olymp Trade会手续每月10美元的费用。


Olymp Trade交易平台页面易于浏览,真正关注用户体验。Olymp Trade交易平台支持页面,桌面应用(适用于Windows和Mac),以及智能手机/平板端(适用于安卓/iOS)。


Olymp Trade支持多种出入金方式,主要有银行卡,信用卡,银联,比特币,泰达币,NETELLER, Skrill, Perfect Money, WebMoney


Choose an asset, Olymptrade公司简介 trade time and the direction of the price movement and gain up to 90% of profit in case of correct forecast. Once you realize that your forecast was incorrect and the chart is going in the other direction, you may just cancel the trade and save the part of trade amount.

Easy market entry

You could assess the benefits of the platform and hone your own trading strategy, while practicing on demo account. You are free to open trades without your own investments, to study trading tools and to contact our 247 technical support.

When you adapt to binary options Olymptrade公司简介 and feel confident, you may leave your comfort zone and start earning anywhere and anytime.

Assistance in professional development

Don't worry, Olymp Trade do not leave their traders. The reliable broker will be your guide Olymptrade公司简介 in the exciting world of financial markets.

Online Academy of trading, webinars on trading strategies and latest analytics help you improve your skills and gain thorough data on financial markets.

OlympTrade - 版本9.3.7

新特性 We’ve added a new tool − time options. With it you can indicate the exact time to close a trade, not its duration. You should try it to trade on news. It is also good for active scalping and dynamic trend-based strategies. For traders who are keen on technical analysis, we’ve added the ability to apply horizontal, vertical, and trend lines on the chart. This is another way to make more accurate predictions. Wishing you profitable trading sessions! The Android Team