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PyMdown Extensions

PyMdown Extensions is a collection of extensions for Python Markdown. They were originally 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 written to make writing documentation more enjoyable. They cover a wide range of solutions, and while not every extension is needed by all people, there is usually at least one useful extension for everybody.


All extensions are found under the module namespace of pymdownx . Assuming we wanted to specify the use of the 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 MagicLink extension, we would include it in Python Markdown like so:

Check out documentation on each extension to learn more about how to configure and use each one.

Please read the Usage Notes for information on extension compatibility and general notes to be aware of when using these extensions.


Arithmatex is an extension that preserves LaTeX math equations ( \(\frac\) ) during the Markdown conversion process so that they can be used with MathJax.

B64 converts all local images in a document to base64 encoding and embeds them in 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 the document.

BetterEm is a different approach to emphasis than Python Markdown's default. It works similar but handles certain corner cases differently.

Caret is an extension that is syntactically built around the ^ character. It 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 手机 adds support for inserting super scripts and adds an easy way to place in an < ins >tag.

Critic adds handling and support of Critic Markup.

Details creates collapsible elements with < details > < summary >tags.

Emoji makes adding emoji via Markdown easy .

EscapeAll allows the escaping of any character, some with additional effects. Check it out to learn more.

Extra is just like Python Markdown's Extra package except it uses PyMdown Extensions to substitute similar extensions.

Highlight allows you to configure the syntax highlighting of SuperFences and InlineHilite. Also passes standard Markdown indented code blocks through the syntax highlighter.

InlineHilite highlights inline code: from module import function as func .

Keys makes inserting key inputs into documents as easy as pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del .

MagicLink linkafies URL and email links without having to wrap them in Markdown syntax. Also, shortens repository issue, 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 pull request, and commit links automatically for popular code hosting providers. You can even use special shorthand syntax 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 to link to issues, diffs, and even mention people

Mark allows you to mark words easily.

PathConverter converts paths to absolute or relative to a given base path.

ProgressBar creates progress bars quick and easy.

SaneHeaders modifies hash headers to only be evaluated if the starting hash symbols are followed by at least one space. This is useful if you use other extensions that also use the hash symbol (like our own MagicLink extension).

SmartSymbols inserts commonly used Unicode characters via simple ASCII representations: =/= → ≠.

Snippets include 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 other Markdown or HTML snippets into the current Markdown file being parsed.

StripHTML can strip out HTML comments and specific tag attributes.

SuperFences is like Python Markdown's fences, but better. Nest fences under lists, admonitions, and other syntaxes. You can even create special custom fences for content like UML.

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WIKIFX REPORT: Ronaldinho joins Olymp Trade as an ambassador


摘要:The worldwide famous football player has now joined a new team with a goal to attack the financial market


Olymp Trade, an international trading platform, is excited to launch 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 collaboration with the football legend Ronldinho and welcome him as their ambassador. Being the epitome of achievement and success, which are rooted in anticipation, instant reaction, and lightning-fast response, he bears all the qualities that also mark a good trader. Olymp Trade is certain Ronaldinho will bring a fresh and like-minded face to 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 the trading platform as well as inspiration to its traders.

Collaboration with Ronaldinho - New Beginnings

Ronaldinho started playing football when he was seven. It took him many years of everyday practice and dedication before he could become a vital member of Brazils 2002 World Cup Champion team. On his way to success, “Gaucho” built a legacy with hard work, dedication, and unrelenting belief in himself. Those qualities translated into his work 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 and allowed Ronaldinho to pursue his greatest dream.

Just like the way of Ronaldinho, trading along the Trader‘s Way is a constant movement forward with new levels of experience, new statuses, and new opportunities for Olymp Trade’s users.The common values that the brand and the football player have is an inspiration for the traders who can begin their path to success.

“I am excited to be part of the Olymp Trade team and am looking forward to the activities we will do together. Same as in 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 football, in the financial market you need to have skill and apply effort, but you also need to dare and grab success as it comes.” - Ronaldinho Gaúcho

Olymp Trades collaboration with Ronaldinho is indeed a 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 new beginning for the trading platform. Having the star football player on board will help enhance public awareness about quality services that the platform provides and give its users a bright example of success and financial 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 independence. Ronaldinho showcases that believing in yourself, being dedicated to your craft, combining it with knowledge, and relentlessly pursuing your goals can unlock unlimited opportunities.

About Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade is a leading international online investment brokerage that provides its clients with access to trading markets, while offering a wide range of financial and fiduciary services to a substantial global and diverse audience of individual investors. Founded in 2014, the company maintains operations in over 30 countries worldwide.

Codeforces Round #765 (Div. 2) B. Elementary Particles

Evil_boy__ 于 2022-01-13 15:05:33 发布 325 收藏 1

Martians are actively engaged in interplanetary trade. Olymp City, the Martian city known for its spaceport, has become a place where goods from all the corners of our Galaxy come. To deliver even more freight from faraway planets, Martians need fast spaceships.

A group of scientists conducts experiments to build a fast engine for the new spaceship. In the current experiment, there are nn elementary particles, the ii-th of them has type aiai.

Denote a subsegment of the particle sequence (a1,a2,…,ana1,a2,…,an) as a sequence (al,al+1,…,aral,al+1,…,ar) for some left bound ll and right bound rr (1≤l≤r≤n1≤l≤r≤n). For instance, the sequence (1 4 2 8 5 7)(1 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 4 2 8 5 7) for l=2l=2 and r=4r=4 has the sequence (4 2 8)(4 2 8) as a subsegment. Two subsegments are considered different if at least one bound of those subsegments differs.

Note that the subsegments can be equal as sequences but still considered different. For example, consider the sequence (1 1 1 1 1)(1 1 1 1 1) and two of its subsegments: one with l=1l=1 and r=3r=3 and another with l=2l=2 and r=4r=4. Both subsegments are equal to (1 1 1)(1 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 1 1), but still considered different, as their left and right bounds differ.

The scientists want to conduct 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 a reaction to get two different subsegments of the same length. Denote this length kk. The resulting pair of subsegments must be harmonious, i. e. for some ii (1≤i≤k1≤i≤k) it must be true that the 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 types of particles on the ii-th position are the same for these two subsegments. For example, the pair (1 7 3)(1 7 3) and (4 7 8)(4 7 8) is harmonious, as both subsegments have 77 on the second position. The pair (1 2 3)(1 2 3) and (3 1 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 2)(3 1 2) is not harmonious.

The longer are harmonious subsegments, the more chances for the scientists 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 to design a fast engine. So, they asked you to calculate the maximal possible length of harmonious pair made of different subsegments.

The first line contains an integer tt (1≤t≤1001≤t≤100) — the number of test cases. The following are descriptions of the test cases.

The first line contains an integer nn (2≤n≤1500002≤n≤150000) — 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 the amount of elementary particles in the sequence.

The second line contains nn integers aiai (1≤ai≤1500001≤ai≤150000) — types of elementary particles.

It is guaranteed that the sum of nn over all test cases does not 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 exceed 3⋅1053⋅105.

For each test, print a single integer, maximal possible length of harmonious pair made of different subsegments. If such pair does not exist, print −1−1 instead.

The first test case is shown on 下载 Olymp Trade 应用程序手机 the picture below:

As you can see from it, you may choose the subsegments (2 1 3 4)(2 1 3 4) and (3 1 5 2)(3 1 5 2), which are a harmonious pair. Their length is equal to 44, so the answer is 44.

In the second test case, you need to take two subsegments: one with l=1l=1 and r=5r=5, and one with l=2l=2 and r=6r=6. It's not hard to observe that these segments are a harmonious pair and considered different even though they are both equal to (1 1 1 1 1)(1 1 1 1 1).

In the third test case, you cannot make a harmonious pair, so the answer is −1−1.

思路:用结构体存下这个数组的值和下边,然后快排(数值从小到大,下标从小到大),遍历一遍数组,如果当前和前一位值相同就max(答案,i + n - l);