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Olymp Trade education – strategies


Olymp Trade platform has a lot of educational materials as for beginners as for professional traders. At the Olymp trade 监管 ‘Education’ menu you will be able to find information about indicators, strategies and webinars. All of these materials are focused on training for traders.

Olymp Trade indicators

OlympTrade education - indicators

OlympTrade education – indicators

In the ‘Trend indicators’ tab you will be able to see 10 different indicators which you can use to predict the graph while trading on the Olymp Trade. If you get interested in a specific indicator, you will need to click on it. There will be a drop down menu where you will be able to read a brief information about the indicator itself. Press on the ‘Learn more’ button if you want to study Olymp trade 监管 more about it.

Olymp Trade Strategies

Olymp Trade education - strategies

Olymp Trade education – strategies

In the ‘Strategies’ Olymp trade 监管 tab you will be able to see 10 different strategies which you can use to gain more profit while trading on Olymp Trade. If you get interested in a specific strategy, you will need to click on it. There will be a drop down menu where you will be able to read a brief information about the strategy Olymp trade 监管 itself. Press on the ‘Learn more’ button if you want to study more about it. All of these strategies are a great chance for the most of the traders to earn more.

Olymp Trade Webinars

Olymp Trade - education webinars

Olymp Olymp trade 监管 Trade – education webinars

In the ‘Webinars’ tab you will be able to see 56 different webinars. If you get interested in a specific webinar, you will need to click on it. There will be a drop down menu where you will be able to read a brief information about the webinar itself. Press on the ‘View’ button if Olymp trade 监管 you want to study more about it. There will be two categories of webinars: This month and Past years. ‘This month’ webinars are those which have not been shown yet. You will be able to see date and time of those webinars and see them Live. ‘Past Olymp trade 监管 years’ webinars are those which already passed and you may see Olymp trade 监管 them at any time you want.

One Comment on “Education”

You can be a complete zero! With the help of instructions and lessons, you Olymp trade 监管 can become a professional very quickly!

Olymp Trade注册

如何在 Olymp Trade 中注册和验证帐户

如何在 Olymp Trade 中注册和验证帐户

1. 单击 Facebook 按钮

2. Facebook 登录窗口将打开,您需要在其中输入您的电子邮件地址用于在 Facebook 注册

3. 输入您 Facebook 帐户的密码

4. 单击“登录”

单击“登录”按钮后,Olymp Trade 请求访问: 您的姓名、个人资料图片和电子邮件地址. 单击继续.

之后,您将被自动重定向到 Olymp Trade 平台。

如何注册 Google 帐户

1. 要注册 Google 帐户,请单击注册表中的相应按钮。

2. 在新打开的窗口中输入您的电话号码或电子邮件,然后单击“下一步”Olymp trade 监管 。

3. 然后输入您的 Google 帐户的密码,然后单击“下一步”。


如何使用 Apple ID 注册

1. 要使用 Apple ID 进行注册,请单击注册表中的相应按钮。

2. 在新打开的窗口中输入您的 Apple ID,然后单击“下一步”。

3. 然后输入您的 Apple ID 的密码,然后单击“下一步”。

之后,按照服务发送的说明操作,您就可以开始使用 Olymp Trade 进行交易了

在 Olymp Trade iOS 应用程序上注册

如果您有 iOS 移动设备,则需要从 App Store 或 此处 下载官方 Olymp Trade 移动应用程序 。 只需搜索“Olymp Trade - 在线交易”应用程序并将其下载到您的 iPhone 或 iPad 上。

在 Olymp Trade Android 应用程序上注册

如果您有 Android 移动设备,则需要从 Google Play 或 此处 下载官方 Olymp Trade 移动应用程序 。 只需搜索“Olymp Trade - App For Trading”应用程序并将其下载到您的设备上。

在移动网络版上注册 Olymp Trade 帐户

如果您想在 Olymp Trade 交易平台的移动网络版上进行交易,您可以轻松实现。首先,在移动设备上打开浏览器。之后,搜索“ olymptrade.com ”并访问经纪人的官方网站。




您在模拟账户中有 10,000 美元。


常见问题 (FAQ)


多账户功能允许交易者在 Olymp Trade 上拥有最多 5 个相互关联的真实账户。 在您的账户创建过程中,您可以选择可用的货币,如美元、欧元或一些当地货币。

您将完全控制这些帐户,因此您可以自由决定如何使用它们。 一个可以成为您保留交易利润的地方,另一个可以专用于特定模式或策略。 您还可以重命名这些帐户并将其存档。

请注意,多账户中的账户不等于您的交易账户(交易者 ID)。 您只能拥有一个交易账户(交易者 ID),但最多可以连接 5 个不同的真实账户来存储您的资金。

Olymp trade 监管

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他们是做市商,而不是 ECN 或 SPT 经纪商,并且与任何流动性交易提供商没有联系。这意味着他们有一定的利润率,允许他们以让您输或赢的价格玩游戏,一开始他们让您赢,然后您将失去利润和资金,或者无论哪种方式,他们永远不会让您赢和退出钱。他们也没有像 FCA、ASIC 或 CySEC 这样的许可证。


我入金 1000 尼日利亚奈拉但账户并没有收到,发邮件也没用回复,请远离。


这是通过外汇为她生病的父亲赚钱的受害者,在 1 月份联系了 Max。 Max Zuniga 说:“账户每个月会有 7000-15000 的回报”。几个月后,她在 4 月份联系了 Max 进行更新。所有 3 个帐户都失败了。本地人或住在 Max 附近的人,或者是朋友或熟人的人都知道这是 Maxes 的电话号码。 Max 只需 3750 美元即可轻松让 3 个帐户失效。远离此类骗子。

Olymp Trade Forex Trading Platform Review

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Olymp Trade MT4 Closing

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

The Olymp Trade Forex trading platform accepts various deposit options, majorly bank cards, cryptocurrencies, and electronic payments. For instance, deposits may be made by credit cards, JCB, China UnionPay, Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Tether, and Ethereum. Giving priority to customers’ withdrawals, Olymp Trade helps customers get their funds in under five days but most receive money in just 24 hours. Funds may be sent to the bank card account or e-wallet.

Olymp Trade Insights

Inside the Olymp Trade daily feed, traders find investing advice. The fundamental analysis intelligence gives traders an edge. Customers learn assets to avoid, keeping them prepared. While forecasts may prove useful, they don’t always come true. What’s more, Olymp Trade features streams for traders needing strategies to trade like pros.

Educational and Training Opportunities

Webinars, how-to videos, and technical guides ensure that first-time beginners have the right knowledge for success. Streamed live, webinars will be of immense value. On Olymp trade 监管 Olymp trade 监管 the YouTube Channel, the playlists feature market reviews, masterclasses, world news summaries, and courses for beginners. In the education section, there are many topics of interest, from trading with candlesticks to advanced technical analysis.

Reasons Why Traders Select Olymp Trade

If you are interested in what makes this platform popular, here are the main reasons why.

1: Fixed Time Olymp trade 监管 Vs Normal Trades

Fixed-time trades are rather unique to the Olymp Trade Forex trading platform. Traders may choose to open positions for a predefined time duration. Using a free demo account, for practice, it is possible to open a $1,000 sell position for Bitcoin for a duration Olymp trade 监管 of 1 min.

Opening a sell position for Bitcoin for a duration of 1 min

Traders may close an open position before the time Olymp trade 监管 runs out.

Closing a Bitcoin position

2: Multiple Countries

Trading Platform supports many countries, including Indonesia, Olymp trade 监管 India, the Philippines, Thailand, and more. Most notably, trade Olymp doesn’t accept clients from the United States, Europe, or Canada, Great Britain.

2: Wide Range of Chart Types, Indicators, and Advisors

Traders have access to Olymp trade 监管 the most-leveraged indicators and plotting tools to aid in their technical analysis. OlympTrade Olymp trade 监管 also introduced an Adviser. The automated analysis tool provides users with an extra edge when generating trading signals. There are multiple trading Olymp trade 监管 strategies as well. Traders may also purchase additional indicators and analytics tools from the in-platform store.

3: Multiple Languages Olymp Trade

Accommodating the needs of its global user-base, Olymp Trade has been translated into multiple languages.

4: Promotional Bonuses

First-time subscribers access special offers. For instance, the current Olymp Olymp trade 监管 Trade OnPay Bonus rewards customers with up to 50% on their initial deposit amount.

50% Deposit Bonus

5: Experience-based Status Levels

Platform recognizes traders that stick with them. Amature traders may achieve advanced and expert status. Each tier comes with its own privileges; for instance, starters may only make trades worth up to $2,000. Expert accounts come with personal analytics, more indicators, and exclusive trading ideas.

6: Highest Safety

Membership to the International Financial Commission carries indemnity insurance worth €20,000 for each trader.Olymp trade 监管

Next Steps

Olymp Trade is among the trusted brokers here at Trade-in.forex. Customers continue to enjoy its consistency, easy setup, modern-interface, and reliability, Olymp trade 监管 as well as access to Olymp Trade free deposit. For additional help, Olymp trade 监管 you may contact the support team or check their conditions privacy policy.